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Contact Lenses in Flushing, New York

Let everyone see your beautiful face by wearing contact lenses from better Sight Vision Center in Flushing, New York. Contacts allow you to avoid the annoyance of wearing glasses while enjoying vision correction. Cosmetic and prescription contacts are available in all types of hard and soft lenses.
Woman putting in her contact lens- Better Sight Vision Center in Flushing, NY

Lens Fitting

Get fitted with the right contact lenses at our vision center. We examine you, instruct you on how to insert and remove your contacts, and allow you to take home a trial pair. Then, we follow up with you a few days later to make sure everything is perfect.

Special Lenses

If you have a disfigured eye and require special contact lenses made, we can do that for you.

Color Lenses

Change your eye color with our color contact lenses available. Like all our optical goods, we charge reasonable prices for them.
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